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Yasmine Fatima Mabene
5:43 PM
5:54 PM

Server: Jasmine Jones
Abisola Olawale
1203 days, 14 hours, 3 mins ago

Welcome to Black Lair (CS107). Please make sure you 1) sign up for the queue and 2) when it's your turn, hop on this link
Abisola Olawale
1203 days, 14 hours, 4 mins ago

Black Lair wants to hear from you! Please fill out this short feedback form ( at the end of your session so we can hear from you how to improve (or what we should continue doing)!
Jasmine Jones
Apr 22, 5:45 PM
Hey Yasmine! Give me 2 minutes to set up the Zoom and I'll be right with you
Jasmine Jones
Apr 22, 5:47 PM
OK, go ahead and join the Zoom listed above!