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Shaham Parvin
Black zoomed out
1:36 PM
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Server: Jonathan Kula
Nick Troccoli
736 days, 5 hours, 15 mins ago

Welcome to Helper Hours! Once you sign up in the queue, we will come to you when it is your turn to be helped. 1:1 help is limited to 15 minutes to ensure we can help as many people as possible. Please fill out the QueueStatus questions so that we can effectively help you! For assign6, please note that we are not able to look at code. If you have debugging questions during helper hours, please make sure to gather information and explore the issue on your own first, and fill out the QueueStatus questions with this information. For debugging questions, you must also have implemented versions of validate_heap and dump_heap. If you are eager to sign up for Helper Hours as soon as they open, we recommend preparing responses ahead of time to the questions: "What question do you have? Please provide as much information as possible." and "What steps have you already taken to try and answer your question? (e.g. I have found X test case that replicates the issue, I have narrowed it down to X lines of code, read Resources page, etc.)."
Subashini Shanmugadas
Dec 3, 2:08 PM
Hi Nick, I need to step out for a few mins, if its my turn can you please move me back in the queue? Thank you!
Nick Troccoli
Dec 3, 2:22 PM
Hi Wyatt, helper hours today are in person - please stop by Huang basement if you need help! if there are other circumstances we should know about, please let us know.
Nick Troccoli
Dec 3, 2:23 PM
Hi Emily, I don't see you in Huang Basement - you are up!
Subashini Shanmugadas
Dec 3, 2:43 PM
Nick, I'm back.