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Max Schuessler
Aug 9, 10:02 AM
Hi Michel! Are the OH held via Zoom as in the calendar? The queue looks still closed.
Max Schuessler
Aug 9, 10:47 AM
You can skip me and take Alison next - I need to leave for a meeting. Thank you.
Arjun Sharma
Aug 9, 5:02 PM
Hey Michel! Did you post the zoom link anywhere?
Weiwen Hung
Aug 9, 5:04 PM
you can find the link for the calendar
Arjun Sharma
Aug 9, 5:05 PM
Got it, thanks Weiwen!
Weiwen Hung
Aug 9, 5:05 PM
no problem :)
Arjun Sharma
Aug 9, 7:17 PM
Hey Michel, will you still have time to get to Weiwen and I?
Weiwen Hung
Aug 9, 7:20 PM
I probably only need one or two mins..
Amy Liu
Aug 10, 9:58 AM
Hi Roya, feel free to join my Zoom link (posted above)
Amy Liu
Aug 10, 10:19 AM
Hey James, you can join my zoom when you're ready!