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Nathan Rogers
3:44 PM
4:27 PM

Server: Krishna Patel
Nick Troccoli
1476 days, 9 hours, 18 mins ago

Welcome to Helper Hours! For assign7, please note that we cannot look at code for the assignment. When signing up with debugging or code questions, make sure to gather information and explore the issue on your own first using the debugging checklist introduced in class: (1) Observe the issue, (2) Create a reproducible input, (3) Narrow the search space, (4) Analyze, (5) Devise and run experiments, (6) Modify code to resolve the issue. You must fill out the QueueStatus questions with the information you've gathered from this process so far. If you don't provide enough information, we will ask you to go back and gather more information first, and then sign up in the queue again. This way we can ensure that we can most effectively help you with your assignment and debugging questions.
Jennifer Tao
Nov 22, 2:31 PM
Hey Shenghao! I send you a Hangouts invite -- let me know if you didn't receive it!
Eric Yang
Dec 2, 9:07 AM
Hi Ryan. Can you join?
Eric Yang
Dec 2, 9:09 AM
Hello Ryan?
Ryan Beauchamp
Dec 2, 9:09 AM
Eric Yang
Dec 2, 10:33 AM
Hi Ryan, I sent you an invite.
Eric Yang
Dec 2, 10:34 AM
Nikhil Athreya
Dec 3, 12:38 PM
Hey Katherine, I couldn't find you. Could you re-sign up on the queue and give a table number next time? (
Nolan Handali
Dec 4, 1:47 PM
Hi Shenghao!
Nikhil Athreya
Dec 5, 3:50 PM
Hey Michal, I can't find you. Can you come near ICME so I can meet you?
Nikhil Athreya
Dec 5, 3:52 PM
Sorry, I couldn't find you, so I just removed your name. Feel free to sign up again.
Nick Troccoli
Dec 6, 2:28 PM
Hi folks, there's pizza in the center table (table 6 on the diagram) to celebrate our last helper hours of the quarter - help yourself!
Angela Zhao
Dec 6, 3:12 PM
Hi Rifath, I think I put in the wrong table. I'm at the table closest to the window near the Stanford Engineering door.
Rifath Rashid
Dec 6, 3:14 PM
Hi Angela, I accidentally clicked your name because I was checking the queue -- but I'm not at office hours
Rifath Rashid
Dec 6, 3:14 PM
Can you just let Timothy or Krishna know?
Rifath Rashid
Dec 6, 3:14 PM
Nick Troccoli
Dec 6, 3:24 PM
HI Mostafa, I wasn't able to find you at helper hours. If you need help, please come find one of us! Thanks.