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Nithin Poduval
3:12 PM
3:38 PM

Server: Weini Yu
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Danny Takeuchi
Apr 10, 1:45 PM
Is there are TA here?
Tugce Tasci
Apr 10, 1:50 PM
yeah, here in front of the whiteboard written "CS230 OH"
Sanjay Sengupta
Apr 11, 10:19 AM
Hi I'm an SCPD student looking to schedule a project meeting
Suvadip Paul
Apr 11, 6:17 PM
This is Suvadip - please log onto
Konstantin Burlachenko
Apr 12, 6:24 PM
Hi, I am SCPD student. I want to schedule a meeting to discuss a project.
Michael Yan
Apr 16, 2:20 PM
Ashwin where are you?
Danny Takeuchi
May 7, 2:04 PM
Are there OH today?
Laura Spector
May 8, 1:36 PM
Tugce, are you here in Huang for office hours?
Christian Nunez
May 15, 4:34 PM
Hi -- where are Ahmad's office hours in Huang?
Nithin Poduval
May 15, 4:49 PM
HI I would like to join the queue
Nithin Poduval
May 23, 2:25 PM
Tugce, are you here?
Nithin Poduval
May 29, 4:46 PM
Hi Ahmed, I would like to ask a question through zoom. Can you open the queue status?
Arjun Arora
Jun 5, 1:31 PM
Hey Tugce im in Zoom
Weini Yu
Jun 5, 3:14 PM
Hi Nithin, my zoom id is 987 188 2593
Catherine Watkins
Jun 6, 5:07 PM
Question: I'm trying to get ahold of my TA but he's not in his zoom room, even though the calendar says OH are on-going.