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Crystal Ivy Zheng
2:11 PM
2:57 PM

Server: Lucy Li
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Gao Xian Peh
Apr 11, 2:13 PM
Hi Lucy we are seated near the solar car
Lucy Li
Apr 11, 2:15 PM
Gao Xian Peh
Apr 11, 2:37 PM
Hi Lucy we would appreciate it if you could get to us before the end of office hours!
Jayadev Bhaskaran
Apr 17, 10:04 AM
Hi Michael, where are you? I'm sitting right in front of HIVE (towards the left side of the basement if you're facing ICME)
Andrew Han
Apr 22, 3:34 PM
is this still happening
Bill MacCartney
Apr 22, 3:36 PM
hi andrew yes, i am sitting outside bytes
Cindy Wang
Apr 24, 1:32 PM
Hi Andrew, would you mind coming to the table near the 224u board?
Lucy Li
Apr 25, 1:51 PM
Lucy is sitting near the entrance of Huang basement
Gao Xian Peh
May 7, 4:34 PM
Xin are you here?
Lucy Li
May 16, 2:17 PM
Gao Xian Peh
May 22, 3:01 PM
which TA is currently holding office hours?
Min Kim
May 22, 3:03 PM
hi. I am holding it right now
Min Kim
May 22, 3:09 PM
My bad Gao. I didn't know Cindy was still holding her office hour.
Rifath Rashid
May 29, 2:19 PM
Are there office hours going on right now?
Min Kim
May 29, 3:58 PM
hi Vidushi. where are you?