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Welcome! If you are at in-person helper hours, open the Huang map here ( - what is your table number? If you are signing up for remote helper hours, are SCPD, or have accommodations to attend remotely, please enter "remote" and log on to the Zoom here (; please make sure to log on as soon as you sign up so we can quickly find you when it's your turn.
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What question do you have? Please provide as much information as possible.
I'm struggling to past Test 24 of Assign4 and I also have a segfault when running the random condition. I know I have a race condition somewhere, but I'm confused how to fix it, and why I have one.
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What steps have you already taken to try and answer your question? (e.g. how have you used gdb?, what have you found reading the manual pages, etc.). This information is *required* for help with debugging questions.
I used gdb and I know the cause of my segfault, and I know I have to have a race condition somewhere based on Ed posts.
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